Transmitter Mares Led Tank Module 2.0

$ 4,940.00 MXN $ 5,190.00

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The LED 2.0 bottle module is a bottle pressure emitter that sends data related to bottle pressure directly to compatible Mares diving computers.

Once it has been associated with a diving computer, both are permanently paired. This feature makes pairing easier and faster in the future.

The module emits a signal through the LED and its color allows you to immediately know the amount of gas in the bottle.

This instrument allows you to be more relaxed during your dives. The most demanding divers, who dive with decompression gas, can also see the amount of stage gas.

The module battery can be easily changed and has a duration of 150 dives.

Its characteristics make this module a fundamental element for photographers and videographers, since it allows them to easily see the remaining gas.

Only compatible with the Sirius computer.

Technical characteristics:

• Transmits bottle information
• Includes a color LED to quickly check the bottle on the surface
• Permanent pairing
• EN250:2014 certified to 300 bars
• Battery type: 14250, user replaceable
• Battery life: More than 150 dives
• Mates with the Sirius