Fins Seac Movement Camo

$ 2,095.00 MXN $ 4,190.00
By Seac

  • 22 degree blade pitch for increased performance with less effort.
  • Thermo-rubber boot with two hardnesses for greater comfort.
  • Shoe with special anti-reflective coloration.
  • Shovel made of special technopolymer, more flexible and with more reaction when kicking.
  • Maximum comfort performance.


The Seac Motus long fins are appreciated by freedivers and spearfishermen even in the first experiences thanks to the comfort of the foot pocket and the ease of finning. The 22° angle between the blade and the foot pocket optimizes thrust with little effort. The Seac Motus spearfishing fins are easy to put on thanks to the closed shoe made of double thermoplastic material: a harder rubber for the sole and a softer one for the back of the foot. For an optimal fit, we recommend the use of 2-3mm thick neoprene socks (such as Seac Standard 2.5mm and Seac Anatomic Camo 3.5mm) with Seac Motus fins wearing the same size as the shoes worn at newspaper. Seac Motus fin blades offer excellent reactivity and a lot of propulsive force even for less trained divers. The Seac Motus are removable and available in black + 5 perfect camouflage colors for any spearfishing need: grey, green, brown, red and blue. The feeling of great comfort makes it possible to use the Seac Motus fins for a long time, making them ideal for spearfishing and during intensive finning training for dynamic freediving. Seac Motus Interchangeable Blade Fins are available in sizes for all women and men who love spearfishing, freediving and recreational diving.